Andrew Molella

Hollywood, Florida

Hi I'm Andrew Molella, I've been in Law Enforcement and security management for approximately 20 years. Andrew Molella is a former FBI Agent, U.S. Department of State, State Law Enforcement, and Security Professional with twenty years experience. Over the course of his career, Andrew Molella has received numerous awards and recognitions for his work including: 1999: Andrew Molella was Awarded a Life Saving Medal and the Courage of Connecticut Award for being one of Connecticut?s Top Cops, 2000: Andrew Molella was awarded a Meritorious Service Medal for assisting in catching a cop killer. 2007: Andrew Molella was awarded a Commanders Combat Coin from the 46th MP Company and letter of Commendation for Bravery, Excellence, and Professionalism He worked in Iraq form 2007 ? 2008: Andrew Molella received a letter of Commendation for Professionalism and Excellence 2009: Andrew Molella received a Commanders Combat Coin for Bravery, Excellence, and Professionalism. 2010: Andrew Molella was the only civilian at Camp Steelback, Basrah, Iraq, to receive the Commanders Combat Coin for Bravery, Professionalism, and Excellence.