Andrew Nattan

I'm Andrew Nattan, and I'm a copywriter.

That means I write content for businesses to use to speak to customers and other businesses, not that I'm involved in intellectual property rights. That's copyright, and it's a little bit different.

Anyway, back to the copywriting. I've spent nearly a decade writing copy for a huge selection of businesses - hairdressers, property developers, one of the Cambridge rowing team from 1974 and more than my fair share of motorcycle dealerships (which is strange, as I can't even sit on a motorbike).

I've written websites (and yes, I can appeal to search engines as well as humans), brochures, on-hold marketing and a radio advert for a company selling hand-crafted furniture.

If you want expert copywriting services, check out my website - which is also where you'll find my portfolio and my marketing blog.

Anyway, feel free to add me to your LinkedIn network or follow me on Twitter. But a word of warning - the other Andrew Nattan on Facebook is a Hungarian radio producer living in Melbourne. And he probably won't want to write your website.