Andrew Oman

Owner in Salt Lake City, Utah

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I'll bet that when I graduate from this mortal life, my first pow wow will be with my amazing Grandpa, Thomas Jefferson, Mr. T, Jesus, Buckminster Fuller and most importantly my mother. Ill say, "lets drink some tea with ghee in it, I've been working on just the right amounts of sweetener, its healthy and tasty, I think you'll love it". We'll get right into the thick of conversations, we will talk about philosophy, technology, conspiracies, metaphysics, bio/spirit/life skill hacking, cosmos, adventures, bad decisions, silly thoughts, challenges, but mostly about how I could be more loving.

My collections in life consist of experiences, ideas, books, and most importantly relationships. Im highly connected, wildly resourceful, and good at what I do. I've lost millions of dollars, had more failures than I can count, and read almost a thousand books.

Im the owner of a creative ad agency amongst other ventures.