Andrew Orgel

San Francisco California USA

Welcome. I’m Chairman & CEO of QoL Media, Inc., a media and entertainment company in the “integrated quality of life” sector; and a partner in G MEDIA, A SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS PORTFOLIO COMPANY WITH A MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM ENGINEERED TO DRIVE AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT AND MEANINGFUL IMPACT IN THE WORLD. I have over 30 years of experience in the startup, growth and leadership of successful, industry-dominant, consumer-driven brands with global distribution and which strive to effectively bridge technology and consumer behavior. I was part of the start-up executive teams that created and launched MTV, Arts & Entertainment (A&E;), Nickelodeon, The Movie Channel, CBS/FM National Sales.AND US WEST INTERACTIVE VIDEO ENTERPRISES. Recently, I was President & CEO of 1Degree Media & Entertainment. I am on the boards of non-profit media organizations Channel G AND THE GLOBALSHIFT FESTIVAL. I have served as a keynote speaker at major industry events around the world, MOST RECENTLY AT the "Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum," in Hong Kong. At Ithaca College, I have developed a series of courses on “Media for Social Responsibility” which addresses universal values and media’s responsibility to serve the global interest, And, I co-created “SPARK!,” a course which provides a problem-based, interactive learning experience for college students on the current global media landscape and which uses social media as part of the classroom experience. I received my B.S. in Television & Radio from Ithaca College and continue to serve as a guest lecturer AT THE Roy H. Park School of Communications. Most importantly, I have been married for 36 years to Nancy Orgel, formerly of ABC Television and Viacom. Together we serve as co-CEOs of our family, responsible for the startup, design, development, management, programming, marketing and financing of two loving and loved children. These children have consistently high ratings, increasing internet traffic, growing mobile usage, first-rate social networking skills and have won awards in texting. they provide an unprecedented return on investment. One has already completed a merger with a wife. Both children are contemplating spin-offs in coming seasons. (The parents are hoping for long runs in syndication.)