Andrew Patterson

As GSS President, I will pursue the needs of UBC’s graduate students with a focus on collaboration, cooperation, and research expertise.

Having spearheaded a formal review of GSS structure and operation over the last two years, I have a deep understanding of group process and structure of the GSS. This complements my graduate training as well as my experience as GSS councilor. I know exactly what the GSS is capable of, how flexible it is, how to motivate and empower its members.

As hopeful GSS President, the following count among my highest priorities:

* Return Koerners Pub to profitability. This profit will then be returned to students in the form of services and scholarships
* Improve the standing of the GSS as an advocate of student interests
* Garner more attention to our graduate programs from the B.C. provincial government
* Galvanize councilors and grad students toward goals like winning fifth-year PhD funding, childcare spaces, housing, and a fairer maternity leave policy.

As candidate for President of the GSS, I have

* Served four years as GSS councilor
* Served as President of Graduate Student Council in Sociology (2008-2009)
* Served as chair of a committee responsible for improving GSS structure and capabilty

For more information, please follow or join Facebook group “GSS Vote 2011”.

I highly endorse Paul Save for VP Administration, Jamie Paris for VP Academic/External, Majid Hosseini for VP Services, and Yuanyuan Liu for VP Finance.