Andrew Thomas

San Francisco, California, United States

Andrew Thomas is an experienced startup founder focused on creating meaningful ways to improve our lives. Currently, I am a co-founder of SkyBell - a smart home security startup that created the SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell. I also advise early stage startups on strategic planning, product marketing, fundraising and branding.

As a founder, I share my ideas, experiences and thoughts by writing, speaking and appearing in TV and visual media. I enjoy writing for Forbes and other outlets and am grateful to have appeared on TV and in podcasts about SkyBell, home automation, IoT and startups.


I write on topics including startups, home automation, crowdfunding, mobile, personal growth and entrepreneurship. Here are a few of my articles: - Overcoming the Psychological Demands of Being a Founder - 7 Big Funding Mistakes to Avoid

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TV, Print & Media

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