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Andrew Peggs

Clarksburg, WV

Hello Readers,

My name is Andrew Peggs and you've found my About Me. What would you like to know? Well for starters I've been working as a game journalist since 2010. I first got my start at the site SFX-360, which a few years later changed its name to Digital Noob.

Aftering departing Digital Noob in 2012 I joined the sites Structure Gaming and Marooners' Rock and have been there since. What do I do? I write previews, reviews, cover events and even run giveaways.

During my times I've also helped with some indie games that are featured on the indie section of Xbox Live. The games are Undead Empire, Undead Empire: Hellfire and Cubicity. (Cubicity is also on PC and is currently on Steam Greenlight)

When I'm not doing work on the sites you can catch me on Steam, Xbox Live or Wii U playing any number of games with friends and the gaming commiunity. You can find me online via the provided information below.

Steam: sfx_acidic
Xbox Live: H2O Acidic
Wii U: H2O_Acidic
3DS Friend Code: 1220-6603-4336.

  • Work
    • Marooners' Rock
  • Education
    • Gilmer County High School
    • Glenville State College