Andrew Peter

Business & Management in Queensland, Australia

Andrew Peter

Business & Management in Queensland, Australia

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Strata management group has more than 50 years of experience in the field of body corporate services, their great and amazing strata management services have set the high standards in Brisbane and the gold coast area.

Strata management group is capable enough to help developers of commercial/industrial, residential, & mixed use schemes. They get the full knowledge and understanding of what your development is and then make sure that your staff gets the required assistance so that your development comes out in the market successfully.

Strata management group helps Unit Owners in Brisbane with understanding the first community management statement, registering titles and deeds and the developer’s requirements to comply with the body corporate and community management act. This comprises coordinate with your full development team including builders, architects, surveyors and solicitors. They also help in supplying you and your appointed solicitors with all the needed paperwork to complete the plans sales contracts.

Body corporate managers’ services

Strata management group body corporate managers are fully committed to its services. The directors are very well known with the need of efficient strata management service. They know that clients want helpful solutions without any kind of delay in a professional manner.

They are not at all casual in their services, they proactively deal with customers problems or issues and believes in continuous follow ups. They complete their task on time and keep giving updates to the unit owner all times.

They never take their client for granted, for them client is important every time. Phone calls and emails are responded immediately.

The main endeavor of strata management group is to offer clients apex strata management services. They finish off tasks without delay. To know more get in touch with the team. To discuss your body corporate schemes or development contact them today and speak with their highly vigilant and ready to act strata managers.

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