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Andrew Phan

Hey, I'm Andrew Phan. I'm a 14 year old freshmen. I am part of the 2012 Class of Lawrence Middle School. I'm now going to El Camino Real Charter High School. I would seriously like to major in Film. That is one of the big things I hope I could for. I am a really technical media kind of person. I love to take photos along side with doing film. It is one of the biggest pleasures of mine. In film I like to do sketches along with just re-enactments. I am trying to get to the point of doing an action short, but the only thing that stops me in my way is the lack of actors. If you want to become an actor and you happen to live around Woodland or West Hills email me. Now that you know about my media side I will tell you about my outside life.

Outside of doing youtube I can be found playing volleyball. I started volleyball at the age of 13 so I've been playing for about a year. I'm pretty good, but not the best. When it comes to games though expect me to put up a fight. I can get cocky though. Thats just me. I hope you can cope with that. I am also part of a group called TNTT or Thieu Nhi Thanh The. It is a Vietnamesse Society that learns about GOD and our Vietnamesse Society.