Andrew Plimmer

My name is Andrew Plimmer.

The fact that you’ve clicked on this page means you’re probably a little curious about who the heck this Andrew Plimmer guy is and maybe wondering why he is writing about this stuff.

So - let me introduce myself. I was born in rural New Zealand and have been living in Australia for the past 25 years. I have been a maverick from an early age, having always a strong inclination toward doing my own thing…exploring, experimenting and above all else; always learning. I have accumulated a lot of useful knowledge through life experience. I am passionate about health and exposing the truths behind the health industry and I have vast experience in making a living online.

I have been a sheep shearer, founded a successful newspaper called the River City Press that is still in print 20 years later, I am a licensed helicopter pilot who was active in the deer recovery and cattle mustering business all those years ago and went on to start my own helicopter mustering business in outback Queensland.

I have turned my hand and mind to a variety of businesses and occupations, including founding and running one of Australia's most successful web design companies. For the past decade I’ve been quietly but successfully making a healthy living in internet marketing. I am passionate about health and fitness and believe that prevention is the key to longevity.

Through it all, I have soaked up knowledge like a thirsty sponge and one of the main lessons I have learned in my personal journey of discovery is that the pursuit of knowledge should be an on-going thing. Learning should be a work in progress! Only by learning and gaining knowledge can we hope to be proactive in many areas of our lives, and nowhere is this more true than in the area of our health and fitness.

I have recently discovered a product that is being touted as being the biggest scientific health breakthrough of all time... Of course this is a huge statement but I am convinced that this is in fact the case.