andrew putra

I was born in a small town in Indonesia called Solo. Being a very active, adventurous and rebellious child, half of my childhood days were filled with my participation in various academic and music competitions. The other half of my childhood were spent exploring new hideouts, new skills and playing pranks to animals or other kids.

My keen interest in exploration and pursuit of knowledge have made me always wanted to be an astronaut or a doctor. Despite my BIG dreams, never had I thought of experiencing life overseas (beyond Indonesia). Even if it was to happen one day, I always thought it would only happen after my university graduation. Back then, Solo was a turf big enough for me.

Little that I know, in year 2001, I was granted a full-scholarship to Singapore and my journey of exploration was brought forward to almost a decade earlier. At the age of 15 I had to live abroad by myself and being independent was an option I could not evade.

Good? Yes. Blessed? Defintely. But easy? Far from it.

Being new to the language, culture and education system, having to maintain grades and compete against other monstrously intelligent students, being far from parents and, last but not least, being 15... made my early years in Singapore filled with sweat, tears and hardwork... fortunately there wasn't much blood spilled. But like the old saying goes, what doesn't kill you make you stronger!

My college and university days in Singapore were the most challenging yet memorable of all. I learnt to keep pushing myself to the limit till the limit itself pushed me back to reality. My cup of knowledge was brimmed, my skills were were refined. I thought I had my share....

But i thought wrong...

Upon my graduation from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2010, I entered the working world and then started a business in Singapore. I was once again forced to realize... that there were still many things that I had to learn... that life is full of surprises... and full of lessons... and that life is a neverending learning journey...

Fortunately, God was and is always kind to me. I got married in 2012 to a beautiful and lovely lady from my beloved hometown, Monica. And I was given a chance to actualize one of my dreams... to run a business where I can help value add people's lives, knowledge and experience.