Andrew Clarke

Thirty years of diverse experience in programming, application development, Systems & Technical Architecture, Program design, IT management and Consultancy, mostly with PCs, embedded microsystems and UNIX Workstations. Areas of work include Financial and Banking systems, communications programming, Multimedia entertainment software, Call Centre Management software, Software Project Management and development. Internet publishing, Visual BASIC, SQL, PowerShell, C/Pascal/,Assembly programming, GUI Development work, Corporate IT Strategy and Architectural Planning, Electronic publishing, and technical authorship. Consulted widely in Database design, Technical Architecture, the design and programming of GUI client/server systems, Internet/Intranet systems, and advising on the implementation of such systems. Designed and built several web applications. More recently specialising in database design and programming, both for large-scale commercial applications and for popular website applications. Now the editor-in-chief of Simple Talk website for Red Gate Software.

Published three books and many articles, and was editor of a print-based computer journal for eight years.