Andrew R Thomson

Product Design & Development, Project Manager, and Consultant in Barrie ON, Canada

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I consider myself a very giving person, especially of my time & knowledge. If I'm going to help a family member or friends with a project, I really enjoy getting their input, because it makes it so much more enjoyable. One of my greatest joys in life now is working with the underprivileged to help restore Hope within their lives and to give them a helping hand to get back to where they want to be in their social settings.

I am a lover of animals of all kinds, I think it's been our greatest gift from the powers to be, I just wish that money and greed wouldn't have brought so many to the edge of extinction. We all co-exist here on this planet so no individuals should have the right to kill off another species simply for personal gain. If we are talking about feeding your family, then that's a whole different subject.

I enjoy reading subjects I'm interested in learning especially when it comes to either building or fixing things, new technology, environment enhancements, and furthering man/womankind.

Some of my hobbies are fixing up cars, motorcycles, or anything with an engine, home renovations, wood carving (intricate items) like small scale motorcycles, I really enjoy going out into nature and taking still photographs so as time stands still. Photography of any kind is a real passion almost as much as fixing things. Gardening has become one of my latest passion, I love seeing all of those fruit & vegetables coming to alive from mother earth. I also love seeing all of the beautiful flowers coming up in the springtime that you had planted the year before. I will leave you with one thing to ponder and that is Do You "Live and Let Live"

  • Work
    • The OtterOutfitters Co.
  • Education
    • Eastview Secondary School "Graduated"
    • Georgian College Barrie