Andrew Wilson

Software Engineer in Brechin, Scotland.

Andrew Wilson

Software Engineer in Brechin, Scotland.

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I am a systems developer and work for the Assessor's Office writing internal software for elections, rates and council tax. I am currently using MidJourney in my spare time to learn prompt engineering.

In previous jobs I have written web applications and services for a range of clients including large businesses, SMEs and the public sector. I have worked on a variety of projects such as an international remote learning app for medical students to a national, in-store intranet for a leading supermarket.

My experience covers the whole spectrum of web development skills from mobile apps to databases.

I have worked as a developer for Tesco Stores Ltd., The University of Dundee, Scotland Online, Dundee City Council , Banntech UK and Tayfusion, amongst others.

I also create colouring books for adults and am a MidJourney prompt engineer.

I graduated from Dundee University in 1992 with a B.Sc. in Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry, and in 1996 with a Post Graduate Diploma in A.I.

During my spare time I enjoy cooking, taking photographs and performing music.

I have sung with the choirs of St. Paul's Cathedral Dundee, St Giles' Cathedral Edinburgh and Dunblane Cathedral as well as performing various roles in a number of musical societies.

  • Education
    • B.Sc.
    • P.G.Dip.
    • University of Dundee