Andrew Sacks

$5M career gross licensing revenues and sales

Over $3M in niche DR licensing of toll free brand and technology solutions for optimal advertising ROI.

Over $2M in nearly five years, prior, of IT and Healthcare staffing, particularly Physicians (Psychiatrists and Radiologists).

Extensive sales of real time call analytic SaaS platform solutions, i.e salesperson educational tools. The platforms provide charts and graphs customizable to client preferences for marketing and advertising budget allocations; this ties integrally into the call tracking component of my experience, particularly at CallSource, the inventor of the call tracking patent.

The common thread in my three stage career: consultative B2B sales of intangibles staff openings, cloud software platforms (SaaS) and direct response licenses) to sophisticated C level trigger pullers, be they hospital CFOs and Department Chairpersons in Healthcare and IT staffing, or stakeholders in the many linked chain of DR campaigns: call center players, agency principals, brand management/CMO types, gTLD investors.

I've reported directly to the CEO in every position I have held save one, Kforce. I have been hired and depended upon by a half dozen founders, innovators and entrepreneurs. As their direct report and key/sole contributor, I served for each a critical role, as a trusted partner as they developed their bird's-eye view strategic and tactical goals for their respective firms. I lead in five significant positions as catalyst of their plans' implementation. At firms ranging in age from two months to thirty-years and with annual revenues from $250K to $100M, I have been the CXO's chief implementer of top down sales, marketing, pricing, training, product development and operations strategies. They employed my participation and judgment in arriving at basic decisions, in one on one collaboration with me, in the execution of strategy and goals through me. This active exposure to their bird's eye view, and direct proximity to their top-down executive authority and vision has built within me aptitudes from nuts and bolts prospecting to high-level strategic thinking.

From each one of these highly effective leaders, from their most mature strengths to their most outstanding limitations, I have discerned and learned and succeeded. In hundreds of hours of private conversations, joint client visits and presentations, and in six figure deal-making I have added to my own arsenal.

Surgical salesmanship impresses me. Poised negotia