Andrew Sanders

Originally from Swansea in the UK, I currently reside in South Amboy, NJ, about an hour outside Manhattan. I live with my wife and we are soon-to-be parents. We also have two cats, even though I am not particularly a pet person (but my wife is a veterinarian which explains a lot...).

We both love watching (ice) hockey - I avidly support the New York Rangers. My wife supports the Philadelphia Flyers, which makes for some long journeys home sometimes.

We both love New York City and all that it offers in culture, food, sights and entertainment experiences. We love to travel but right now are focusing our energy on planning for our first arrival.

I love my work and I am VP for a company that will revolutionize how people check into a hotel and access their rooms in much the same way that advance and self-check in has revolutionized air travel - all by the use of a mobile phone.