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Andrew Savill

Manchester | London | Doha | Mumbai | HK | NYC

Director of Business Relationships at WRG

I love being the conduit between people who are either responsible for the communication/engagement strategy or the execution/delivery of their [global/regional/local] events/exhibition/experiential programme, and all those wonderful creative people and highly-skilled production people who just seem to make it happen, all so effortlessly.

For the past twenty years, I have been developing relationships intelligently, between buyers and sellers of creative comunication; and have always been open to learning new styles and techniques. 2014 is my 8th successful year with WRG, and it just keeps getting better & better.

We have this ethos: 'create unforgettable' - it works, beautifully.

Maybe you're ambitious? Perhaps you're thinking about working with some original thinkers, to make your plans for your next important event work? How can I help?

Happy to come to you, wherever you are: Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, Asia Pacific & the Americas, and then let's explore 'create unforgettable' together.

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