Beckie Andrews

Beckie "Square Peg" Andrews Facts:

Born during the year of the Monkey under the Chinese Zodiac, under the sign of Taurus.

Biological composition consists of Some of the following: Ash from the eruption of Mount Saint Helen, Pepsi, Hamburger Helper and granules of dirt from Ballard, Green Lake, Kenmore, Spokane and other points in Eastern Washington.

I've hiked through a rain forest, swam in a glacier and have dug and used poop hole on a hiking trail, in the open, as a teenage girl.

I am the eldest of four brothers and four sisters.

A great portion of my childhood was spent watching GI Joe, Transformers, He-Man, Voltron and Thundercats. Other things that leveled the field? My age and the fact that I was Captain Imagination and Queen Boss extraordinaire, two titles I hold to this day.

I earned my license when I was twenty-two. I learned, driving a transmission.

I met my Husband when I was nineteen, after breaking up with someone who lied to me and took advantage of my capacity to love. Things happen for a reason.

I moved to a town, renowned for lightning and swans gifted by the current Queen Elizabeth, when I was twenty.

I never thought I would have a child but, I did.

I found comfortable footing and an earned balance.

I love the human race, I want to share and contribute to helping others find balance and joy in creating.

I know I'm a Square Peg. I live my life with dedication to learning, growing and being who I am with gratitude for the forces that have led me to where I am.

Welcome to a place where you can share and learn in peace and joy. Welcome to a place where you can express your concerns. Welcome to a place where Trolls and Troll Glory will not be tolerated but, peaceful debate and expression will. Welcome to a place where expression means more than judgment. If you find a home here, I am humbly honored and entirely pleased to have you.