Andrew Skeene

Andrew Skeene is no stranger to hard work. In a recent interview, he admitted that while serving as the director of Global Forestry, his phone would often start ringing at 6:00 in the morning and wouldn’t stop all day. His morning was a non-stop flurry of conference calls and responses to emails. Afternoons were often spent immersed in contracts and paperwork, trying to make his way through all of the red tape. Then there were the language barriers he and his clients had to work through, since many of his clients were based in the Middle East, whilst the company’s land was based in South America. As such, the company relied heavily on translators. Furthermore, because the company was purchasing land in Brazil, all contracts had to be produced in both English and Portuguese. Andrew would also travel frequently to the company’s international offices in Abu Dhabi, Brazil and Dubai, many times on weekends. Always on the lookout for more land, if Andrew wasn’t entertaining clients in London, he was making the transatlantic trip himself to inspect prospective new acquisitions. Busy as he may have been, Andrew was passionate about his company and wouldn’t have had it any other way. For more information about how businesses can have this kind of positive impact, check out Andrew’s tips for being environmentally friendly.

Global Forestry was started in 2008 by Andrew Skeene and his business partner Omari Bowers, who came up with the idea for the company following a slump in the property market. Andrew left the property management sector and embarked with Omari on a journey that took them halfway around the world. They looked extensively into the agricultural and farming industries, finally settling on the acquisition of a teak tree plantation in Brazil.

Global Forestry was a company focused on green principles of environmentalism and sustainability. As the former owners of Global Forestry, Andrew Skeene and Omari Bowers are committed to sustainable commerce. The company was responsible for the reforestation of areas of the Brazilian rainforest, making Global Forestry not just a lucrative business opportunity for investors, but an opportunity to positively impact the world’s ecological future.