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Melanie Andrews

Melanie is an award-winning multi-platinum songwriter and vocal producer. With a distinguished career spanning decades and a track record of enormous success, she works to empower youth, cultivate talent, and brighten the lives of today’s youth by helping them achieve their dreams in music.

Melanie is the CEO of the Music Development Inc.entertainment company, and owns and operates artist development studios in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. Melanie’s 501(c)(3) non-profit status foundation, the “Melody Makers Foundation Scholarship” works to give underprivileged youth professional music lessons and/or the professional training they need to realize their full potential as artists.

Melanie Andrews is best known for co-writing the song, “Let’s Wait Awhile” (Janet Jackson’s“Control Album”) which charted #1 on Billboard charts and sold over 13 million copies world-wide.Melanie won the BMI Pop Music Songwriter’s Award for Let’s Wait Awhile and the BMI Millionaire’s award! The Control Album was also nominated for a Grammy and many other prestigious awards! Creating a stir in the music world, Melanie started her career as one of the most sought-after young writers in the music industry. She also sang background vocals on some of Janet Jackson’s biggest hits. Melanie has co-written songs for many top artists. One of her favorite projects was co-writing three songs for the Legendary Band, “Earth Wind & Fire.” Melanie is the granddaughter of world-renowned Jazz legend, Snooky Young, who taught her the beauty of speaking through music.

Music Development Inc. (MDI) also runs one of the most popular teen Internet radio stations around! specializes in playing pop music from past and present while staying committed to a family-friendly format. Melanie spearheaded the creation of because of her commitment to creating and promoting clean, but “hip” pop music! She wanted there to be a station where youth and adults could listen to the music theylove, that doesn’t contain the suggestive or explicit content that most commercial radio stations do. has become so popular because of its commitment to this principle, and is a place where the whole family can enjoy listening to the hottest music.