Andrew Drummond - Journalist

Well known British journalist and for 25 years based out of south east Asia.

Recipient in UK of Maurice Ludmer Memorial Award for Investigations into Racism and Fascism.

In south east Asia best known for investigations into transnational crime.

Television investigations have included 'Burma's Forgotten War' (BBC2) on the Burmese Karen National Liberation Army, 'No Man Wants to Die' - Channel 4 UK , the exposure of a transnational heroin syndicate, 'Lord of the Golden Triangle' - the launch film for the Observer Film Company for ITV.

Possibly better known among his peers for tracking down 'Gary Gillter' Paul Gadd in Vietnam where he was subsequently arrested on child sexual abuse charges.

Quit Thailand with his three children in 2015 after threats from international crime syndicate which had Thai police on payroll.