Andrew Starmer

Boomshackalaka! (In other words hello)

I'm a musician, a lover, a fighter and a midnight rider living in Seattle. I dream that one day all commercials will still not be created equal, because I will be writing the best. I believe we need to leverage art, culture and creativity to improve our quality of life. The fact of the matter - I am an expert on anything I can Google (or BING, come on, I live in Seattle), and love solving a problem.

Since graduating from WSU I've been a musician, people manager, equipment manager, entrepreneur and prairie dog enthusiast. Along the way I have been working hard towards my copywriting ninja status developing my bo staff and nun chuck skills by lurking in the shadowy halls of Publicis Seattle, contributing to commercial scripts and print ads for pitches

Volunteer? Absa Freaking Lootly! I do at both Experience Music Project / Science Fiction Museum and Arts West in West Seattle. If you have questions, concerns or job offers please send me an email. Now I say "good day!"