Andrew Szabo

Husband, father, friend of Jesus, marketer, speaker, author, entrepreneur. Love to travel, cook, run & bike. Eventually want to live in Italy. Enjoy rich Pinots, dry champagne, dark chocolate & cubans. 10,000 + songs on iTunes. Lives life of love. Andrew Szabo is an author, speaker, strategist, commentator, and consultant. Andrew Szabo is the “The Marketing Chef,” and the creator of “IRRESISTIBLE MARKETING” a strategy designed to create a brand image that causes your customers, prospects, and referrals to think of you first, and often and well. It will keep your target audience eagerly anticipating what you have to offer making it irresistible. Just about every facet of marketing imaginable has cultivated his experience and skills. Andrew Szabo’s has been a CMO of a F100 subsidiary; strategist / business development for world’s largest direct marketing agency, as well as boutique and specialized agencies. He also marketed his own small business; client to agencies; consultant to agencies. Marketed hi-tech, low-tech and no-tech in both strategy and implementation. Andrew Szabo has a proclivity to remain “solution-neutral” as well as combining guerrilla marketing with traditional marketing (He was one of the first Certified Guerrilla Marketers in the U.S.). With over 28 years experience in executive management, strategy, business development, marketing & sales, Andrew Szabo is skilled at providing a results-oriented focus and counsel to his clients. He founded MarketingStrategy1 in 2001 which then evolved into Marketing Symphony a strategic marketing agency that combines seasoned talent and creative tactical solutions birthed out of intelligent strategy.