Andrew Carter

Musician and Student at Tom C. Clark Highschool in San Antonio, Texas

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I present to thee myself. I am a student of the technology arts and all types of physics and engineering. In some circles, I am known as the Pansophical All-Father. I love reading Old English and ancient books, it is quite satisfying. When I am a parent, I shall name one of my sons Beowulf. If I could travel back in time, I would go to the Dark Ages and become a free-lancing knight. I, at heart, am a child of the water. It is my dream to move to Hawaii and swim, snorkel or surf forever. I don’t play rugby, but I do enjoy watching it as it is more entertaining to me than American football. I enjoy traveling. I am in the process of enlisting in the Navy so that I can be paid to travel. My enlistment would not only be for travel, but also to protect and serve the greatest country on the planet. With all this talk of freedom and getting out there to see the world, I also am a gaming fanatic. I once played thirty hours of a game in twenty. My other interests not listed include origami, hypercars, next-gen guns and other weaponry.