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Andrew Tetreault

Thank You for visiting my page. I am a resident of New York State & have been involved in Public Safety for many years now. Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to get involved in the field of Public Safety. At the age of fourteen I joined my local fire department as a junior firefighter which is sponsored through the Boys Scouts of America. After 4 years with that I had the opportunity to become a full member of that same fire department as a probationary firefighter. As many people know I didn't turn down that opportunity. After 3 years as a regular member in the fire department I decided to try new things. I joined my local ambulance company for a year which was a great experience. My current certifications include Firefighter. I, Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations Level, CPR/AED For the professional rescuer, and many American Red Cross certifications including Shelter Operations. I obtained these American Red Cross certifications after joining CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) of Suffolk County, NY.