Andrew Thibodeau

Tutor in Michigan

Excellent Tutor: Over 13 years of extensive experience tutoring students in General Chemistry, Algebra, 1st year Calculus, Pre Calc, Geometry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. Knowlegeable for high school through 1st year college courses. Typical rate is: $25 and $35/hr if I need to travel far. My students provide a supplemental job for me that I enjoy doing.

My service has succeded because it meets the needs of students who want a QUALITY tutor, someone who has a mastery of the material, but cant afford to pay $25 or 60/hr!! More money doesnt mean a better tutor..that's plainly presumptious/non-sequitor. A tutor with 3 PhD's could be as smart as Einstein, but can't get across ideas or concepts. 'Coaching certificates' are but poor indices of true teaching ability.

Please call 248-904-2642 to discuss your personal academic needs/make arrangements. I'm very dedicated and genuinely concerned with you getting the best possible grade! May God Bless All!


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