Andrew Tilling

Andrew Tilling created Preseli’s enterprise coaching program and specialises in helping teams develop their creative thinking and problem solving skills. His methodology provides tools that teams can rely on to deliver results when they need them and help them bring worthwhile ideas into reality. His approach puts people right at the heart of matter, and this in turn helps partnerships and projects to grow. Andrew has worked with a broad range of clients including UCA and the University of Surrey, campaigning organisations like Amnesty International and Friends of the Earth and community projects like The Barn in Farnham, a creative arts club and social enterprise. As a coach his clients have often cited Andrew’s leadership support as a key component in turning their projects around in challenging times. In addition, the legacy of his innovative approach to fundraising continues to benefit leading charities around the world to the tune of millions of pounds annually. As a social entrepreneur Andrew has pioneered many community focused projects. Using his in-depth experience of theatre he has helped raise awareness in young people about the environment, issues of sustainability, healthy relationships and human rights. His work addressing gang culture won the High Sheriff of Surrey Crime Prevention Award in 1999. Andrew balances his work at Preseli through developing his skills in the arts. As well as being a respected actor he trains regularly in the Brazilian Martial Art of Capoeira, and sings and plays his own tunes with an acoustic trio. Andrew is the founder of the Preseli Partnerships, providing team coaching to organisations looking to achieve growth coupled with measurable impact in the world.