Andrew Trammell

Andrew has a specific goal in mind when he starts working with a new client: "When I get to the closing table and a client says to me, 'That process was easy!' I know I've done my job correctly." From first time homebuyers to experienced sellers, Andrew enjoys the variety that comes with being a realtor in Nashville. As his email signature says, he is always"on the move."

Before coming to work for Nashville on the Move/Perry Property Group, Andrew was mentored by top sales representatives for three years in a high-end, luxury real estate environment in his home state of South Carolina. He also spent some time outside the States, including a challenging trip to rural Northern Uganda for ten days building relationships with a small church in Gulu. He swears he survived on nothing but Cliffs Bars and DEET bug spray while he was there.

If you happen to see Andrew riding his TREK road bike around town, don't run into him; he's probably training for his next bike race or triathlon. A friendly wave will do just fine.