The Andrew Tsao

Crafted in Brooklyn, New York

The Andrew Tsao

Crafted in Brooklyn, New York

Passion(fruit) infused leader combines with a kick of goal-driven flavors , topped off with a refreshingly crisp and zesty personality. A twist on the traditionally popular Genuine & Tonic.

Crafted in the coast of SoCal and imported to Taiwan, the drink has recently found popularity among foodies of talent, and connoisseurs of excellence.

A drink with a proven sales track record over the past 3 years, and can basically sell itself off the shelves.


- One part creative problem solver

- Two part gesticulator

- A dash of music snobbery

- Shaken with an infectious passion for technology

- Garnished with a strong interest in Product Management.


If you are curious about how this cocktail is made or how it tastes, let's talk!

  • Education
    • University of Southern California