Educator, Landscaper, and Conductor in Woodbridge Township, New Jersey

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Following graduation from Wall High School in 1997, Mr. Andrew Tufts attended James Madison University. There, Tufts played trombone in the Marching Royal Dukes marching band, wrote and edited for the school newspaper, the Breeze, played club Water Polo, and played in a local handbell troupe. He also attended two Wrestlemanias and had golden hair. In 2001, Tufts graduated from JMU with a degree in Media Arts & Design with a concentration in Print Journalism. He also tried to earn his teaching certificate but had declared an incompatable major, failed Calculus miserably, and informally minored in US History.

In his first post-graduation life, Tufts worked as a landscape foreman for William Pearson Landscape before accepting a job with George Harms Construction, where he stayed for 2 years. During that time, Tufts helped construct the Hazlet train station, New Brunswick's RT. 1 & 130 interchange and GSP Exit 89. Additionally, Tufts spent a majority of his time assembling, running, and maintaining the hydraulic coring drill during the construction of the RT. 35 Victory Bridge, spanning the Raritan River from South to Perth Amboy. Mr. Tufts sustained two memorable near-death experiences during this time, and left the company in 2004 following reconstructive shoulder surgery in order to pursue his passion for education, and lust for life.

The 4th year of the millennium (depending on how you interpret "millennium") was a pivotal one for Mr. Andrew Tufts. By its conclusion, Tufts had established his own landscape business (Day & Night Landscape), started a high school youth program at the First Presbyterian Church of Manasquan (which he led 5 mission trips out of), enrolled in the graduate program at Monmouth University (where he fell in love with Mathematics & the education of it), and met his future wife (whom he married shortly thereafter). To this day, Tufts landscapes, conducts the Jubilee Handbell Choir at 1st Presbyterian, and routinely dreams about adventures in bridge construction. He still plays trombone, at times dabbles with funky bass licks, excels at residential moving, dishwasher loading, beach volleyball playing, and fantasy football dominating. Tufts rarely misses a Saturday morning sunrise at the beach.

Andrew Tufts is most proud of the awesome 8-year old daughter he continues to raise ably. Her favorite color is still rainbow and her favorite number is still infinity, positive infinity.