Andrew Ulman

Content Creator in Massachusetts

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Andrew Ulman is passionate about helping others and positively contributing to his community. After years of protecting the public as a Security Guard, he decided to take his impact a step further. The resulting idea was his project Missing Persons 911.

Missing Persons 911 is an online source of information regarding missing persons incidents. Streamlined by the project’s official Twitter account, Ulman provides the public with breaking news and updates in real time. The overall goal of the project is to help bring missing persons home to their families and loved ones. To learn more about what prompted Andrew Ulman to create Missing Persons 911, read the full story here!

Andrew Ulman is also an avid collector of rare sports memorabilia. His love of sports collectibles began with a baseball card collection that he started as a child. Now, the pastime is a labor of love and profits for the collector! Ulman currently owns and operates an eBay store that buys and sells sports collectibles. If you’re interested in checking out his current unique inventory, be sure to visit Drewbie’s Collectibles on eBay!