Andrew Venincasa

Lubbock, Texas, United States

Andrew is currently in the Honors College at Texas Tech University pursuing Accounting and Finance degrees. He plans to graduate by May of 2018 at the latest; however, is optimistic about graduating by December of 2017.

As a driven student always in search to obtain more knowledge and expertise in his field, he strives to achieve an MBA or MSA as well as a CPA or CFA after graduating. Moreover, Andrew is an individual with a strong work ethic, faith, ambition, and motivation. He is confident he holds a skill set and a natural knack for leadership that differentiates himself from most of his peers.

Andrew dealt with frequent severe health problems from freshman year of high school until June 2015, whereby he unfortunately was no stranger to a hospital bed and operating room. However, he believes a greater benefit and purpose came from that experience. Overcoming adversity multiple formed indelible mental and physical toughness as well as perseverance incomparable among others'. Joining organizations and attending conferences has further developed leadership, problem solving, reasoning, time management, and communication skills, which exercise such skills. He served on the Freshman Council of the Texas Tech Student Government Association as well as Vice President of Sigma Phi Epsilon; in search to gain advanced leadership skills, he plans to be the next President of SigEp in the Spring.

  • Education
    • Texas Tech University