Andrew von Gregor

Self-reliant and possessed of a restless imagination, I am a fiercely private being of invisible light who owns a very unquiet mind. Among many other things, I compose music, write songs & stories, sing, play piano, violin, trumpet, drums, guitar...and sleep very little. Some years ago, I invented a guitar-related product while practicing my audition pieces for Berklee College of Music. Several years after that, I accidentally started a website design firm...which was super-creative work and I loved it! We designed many unique, successful sites for big and little companies worldwide; however, after too many years of 18-hour days working as a 'brain in a jar,' I quit and moved here to music's Mecca—Los Angeles, CA. Now, when I'm not recording and performing with other artists, I have a semi-secret solo career. I've recorded 9ine full-length albums of original music, and perform occasionally here in L.A. (usually under an alias). I enjoy complete solidarity with my music, as I've no pressure to succeed in the music industry. When I'm not 'working' in music, I love words, physics, running, psychology, color, film, cooking, baking, neuroscience, typography, design, law, travel...and far too many other things for one human lifetime.