Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Consultant in Atlanta, Georgia

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I am a maker of things, a teacher of lessons. I build. I destroy.

I master old skills and learn new ones. and then master them.

I write APIs. I write about APIs. I build things that work.

Chargify, Twilio, TokBox, Pusher, Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Stripe, Zendesk, Bandwidth, Bit.ly, OpenSRS, SQS, SES, SNS, PDQ, ASAP, RTFM etc.... I love 'em all.

I've worked on little tiny projects and great big OMG huge projects like disneyworld.com.

  • Work
    • Ionic Security
  • Education
    • Florida State University (BS CS)
    • Georgia Institute of Technology (eMBA)