Andrew Windham

Andrew Windham is dynamic entrepreneur whose passion is creating generations of transformational leaders. He believes this is best accomplished through authentic connection, transparent service, and mutual synergy. Andrew has assisted countless small business owners and entrepreneurs in growing their businesses, and consulting on issues related to wealth management. He is currently rolling out a new concept that he calls a “wealth team” approach, bringing together key professionals who take an integrated team approach, serving as the client’s group of trusted expert advisors whose function is to assure that all aspects of foundation, protection, growth and wealth acceleration are always in focus. Andrew uses his wealth team concept with both personal clients and in coaching colleagues. This eliminates the need for clients to be experts in specific areas and empowers them to successfully pursue and achieve their ultimate wealth goals with ease and grace. Andrew believes that this big-picture, integrated team approach will be an essential part of the transformational approach needed to move out of our current troubled economy and into a space of accelerated growth and protection of wealth.

Andrew is a highly sought-after consultant and national speaker for his innovative wealth team approach, and has presented alongside such noted entrepreneurs as John Assaraf, Jim Bunch, Jack Canfield and Murray Smith, among others. He is a frequent guest expert on both traditional and Internet radio shows, and his expert opinions on issues related to insurance coverage and wealth management have been published in several industry magazines. As the founder and CEO of Insurance Georgia and TUF Advisory Group, Andrew acquired a national reputation for his companies’ innovative, creative approach to protecting the lifestyles and finances of entrepreneurs, small business start-ups and the self-employed.

Andrew founded the College Planning Institute to support families in realising their dream of earning and successfully leveraging a college degree. He, and his wife, Karey, co-founded Georgia Prep Sports & Cobb Prep Sports and enjoy highlighting exceptional student-athletes through sports broadcasting. They make their home in Marietta, GA and share their love of Christ, service, leadership, and sports with their three sons, Alex, Carter, and Davis.