Andrew Zellinger

For over 15 years, Andrew Zellinger has served as a business consultant with experience in management, human resources, and the global marketplace. Since 2011, he has overseen his own consulting company, Zellinger and Associates. One of his achievements as a consultant includes serving as the interim head of human resources for a major insurance company. In this capacity, Andrew Zellinger enhanced the organization’s recruitment, training, assessment and development processes.

Prior to starting his own firm, Zellinger obtained an MBA with a focus on industrial psychology and a PhD in industrial and organizational psychology from Iowa State University. Following a period in management development at Eastman Kodak, he entered the consulting field with a position at Anderson Consulting. As vice president and a management consultant, he supervised the firm's eastern region organization and human resources consulting practice.

Subsequently, Zellinger joined Seven Acres Consulting and led its organizational consulting division services throughout the Northeast. His duties ranged from strategic planning assistance and productivity management to succession planning and compensation program development. Also prior to his current role, Zellinger held positions at King Chapman Broussard & Gallagher and Lee Hecht Harrison, where he advised companies on senior executive coaching, client relations, and other matters.