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Andrey Nekhamkin


A multi-disciplined R&D consultant with over 14 years of practical experience in the design, development and deployment of embedded systems. Hold a MSEE and an author of a patent in telemetry.

I provide consulting services for embedded systems and do software and hardware design of microcontroller-based devices especcialy for automation and control solutions, Machine-to-Machine technologies (M2M), Automatic Meter Reading (AMR/AMI/SmartGrid/SmartMetering), remote devices/sensors monitoring, SCADA and SCADA-like solutions, home automation, intelligent communication modules (wireless/wired) and customer electronics.

I make my customers happy! :-)

Founder of Link2M platfrom . Link2M (Link-To-Machine) is a universal Cloud-based M2M/telemetry/IoT platform for end-to-end connectivity, networking and integration between machines, sensors or devices and management systems.

  • Work
    • Nekhamkin Embedded Systems
  • Education
    • MSEE