Andrey Permitin

Marseille, France


My name is Andrey. I'm 27 years old, i'm from Moscow, Russia and i'm a viewer. I just like how my eyes captures all around me and how some places or details captures my attention and the others not so much. And i want to share the moments that i expereenced and saw.

I was born in Moscow, Russia in 1985. I Hello, my name is Andrey Permitin. I'm 26 and i'm an architect living, working and studying in France, Marseille since 2009. Photography became my passion in early 2007, when i bought my first dslr. I was always amazed by the phenomenon of the city itself. For me each city is a person with its face, emotions, feelings and thoughts. And for me it's all about trying to see the face of a city and capture it in its brightest moments.

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