Andrey Bozhkov

Sofia, Bulgaria

Challenge: What would the world be like if we never questioned the status quo? Would we ever move from living in caves to living in beautiful houses? Would we ever say no to the pollution caused by the industrial boom? I always push myself to the edge of my comfort zone, where all the awesome stuff happens; where incredible discoveries are made real.

Change: It seems like the only fact we can take for granted nowadays is that everything changes. This can be a depressing thought, but I feel it as a liberating force. Knowing that change happens, means that we appreciate every single instance that we are alive. I embrace change by living a diverse and transformative lifestyle.

Passion: If there was one single irreplacable fuel, it would be passion. Passion gives us the energy to get up day after day and make the impossible real. I strive to infuse everything I do with passion and to energise others.

Wisdom: The journey is the reward. (Chinese proverb) Life often cheats us by allowing the possibility of failure. However, when failure does occur, this opens our eyes to numerous other paths. In most cases, we end up somewhere that we did not expect. No matter where I go, I try to learn these invaluable life lessons and share them.

Fantasy: One of our greatest strengths as human beings is our ability to see things as they aren't. (Kathryn Schulz) When I look at the world around me, I don't just see tall buildings or speeding cars. Instead, I see the possiblity to make things better and to improve our way of living in a sustainable manner.

Humour: Above all, what unites us as human beings is our ability to laugh. (A Declaration of Interdependence, the crowdsourced movie) I make sure that everything I do is fun for me and for those around me. Enjoy the little things in life! Be wacky! Be random! Smile :)

  • Work
    • Business Development
  • Education
    • Aston University
    • American College of Sofia