Andria Kalatha

Nicosia , Cyprus

I did my first degree in Mathematics at Sheffield Hallam University, UK which gave me a full perspective of Mathematical logic and the applications of Mathematics in the real world.

I then decided to expand my knowledge by applying for an MBA at the University of Cyprus. This course helped me view the world from many different angles as well as understand better how businesses function and evolve.

Since then, i have used any opportunity i found to gain knoweldge and experience through various job positions. The area which i am most drawn to is education since i enjoy passing on knowledge to other people as also communicating with them.

I am very eager to pass on my knowledge and experiences in the area of Marketing and Public Relations combined with my further experience in various administrative tasks.

Through my education and the experience gained from my previous positions I learnt to take initiative, to multitask efficiently, organise myself while I am working and work effectively under pressure whilst being able to meet deadlines.

I am currently at the end of the first year of the Communication and Journalism MSc course at the Open University of Cyprus. I took up this course since i am very interested in being involved in the media and communication sector.

  • Education
    • BSc Mathematics
    • MBA
    • IPGCE
    • LCCI in Public Relations