Andria Chappell

Andria L. Chappell is a wife and mother to one son, 3, and three bonus children. She was born in the small Southern town of Hahira, Georgia. She graduated from Barstow Community College with an A.S. in Social Science and is currently in her final year pursuing a B.S. in Social Psychology. Her hobbies are reading, designing and uplifting women through her organization, A Diva’s Inspiration. She hopes to one day successfully pursue acting. In 2009 God gave Andria a vision and she founded A Diva's Inspiration. ADI is an online and community organization that encourages women in Christ with a touch of style. As a Christian, Andria knows the importance of faith and preparing one’s self for their future. She also knows the importance of being a strong woman, having a positive self-image and putting your best face forward. Her goal in life is to inspire others to see the beauty within themselves.