Andriana Papacharalambous

Ascension Guide, Fitness Instructor, and Life Coach in Nicosia, Cyprus

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Andriana is a Crystal Indigo Starseed, here to assist the Planetary shift in consciousness.

She is the Founder of Conscious Alignment and Co-Creator of Team Light Cyprus. A platform focused on self growth, esoteric science, quantum energy healing, sustainability & unity consciousness. Our goal as Team Light, is to inspire people, to step into their true potential and to assist in the activation of dormant DNA for the co creation of new earth.

​As a certified life coach, fitness instructor & quantum energy healer, Andriana focuses on personal development, working with both the physical and the energetic through esoteric science, health & wellness coaching and healing arts.

Andriana shares her journey, downloads tools and activations, through sessions, YouTube videos, Blog posts, podcast episodes, mind opening news, PDF Programs, healthy & sustainable recipes, as well as eco-friendly lifestyle tips; so that people around the world can improve their lives & create a better version of self in alignment with their original soul blueprint.

Clarity on how to unify the collective consciousness can be found by innerstanding the variant realities and frequencies that make up our collective holographic experience. Join us to find out more.

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