Andriana Papacharalambous

Author, Lightworker, Journalist, Motivation Coach in Nicosia, Cyprus

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I am a 24 year old Freelance Journalist - Author, Vegan food Blogger, Intuitive writer Freelance Vocalist, Earth Activist & a Motivation Coach.

In 2012, I decided to make my own blogs in order to share my views with the world and inform them with a variety of articles.

On my pages, I mostly write alternative news. I am dedicated to Self Growth, Empowerment and Motivation. Throughout my research as a journalist, I educate people on what's going on in our world today, by providing different perspectives.

As a vegan food blogger and earth activist, I do my best to share as much knowledge as possible about animal cruelty & environmental issues as well as health and natural ways of living. My vegan ebook will be available January 2017.

As an intuitive writer & blogger, I share useful information about the Ascension and my personal experiences - insights as I go along. Visit my blog here:

About music & video blogging: I have my own music website, blogs, pages & Youtube Channel, where I share my love and about music, veganism, minimalism, self love, photography, health and fitness.

In 2011, I was asked by a Greek-Cypriot broadcast network (Antenna Cyprus) to sing a song for a TV series [biography type]. On July 2016, I participated at Cybc's live concert and performed at a Cypriot TV Breakfast Show and Radio show both at Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation. In my spare time I cover songs and make vlogs on Youtube.

Since I'm an artist with an equally immense desire to create at all times, I decided to put all my links together so feel free to follow me. Let's be the change.

I consider myself as a 'Warrior of life' and as a lightworker, my mission is to share information with the world, plant the seeds of the future, teach self love, awareness and happiness by being the example. Through my path in life, by writing, cooking, blogging singing and motivating each special soul.

I have a passion for peace, inner balance, health, the earth, getting back to our roots and embracing our human potential and consciousness as a species.

My vision is to become the best version of myself and play my part in creating a better planet for future generations by healing, inspiring and motivating myself and people around me. Through creativity and activity.

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