Andriete Le Secq

Portugal Espanha Itália

Andriete Le Secq is afashion, portrait, music and fine artphotographer.Andriete's most compelling quality is the ability to colour her images withstrong elements of romanticism, fantasy and a hint of darkness that tints herwork. Her unique style has defined her work since picking up her first camerawhen she was a teenager, when she first started experimenting withself-portraiture and themes of fantasy which she continues to develop andrefine today.She says, she was fortunate enough to discover her interest in photography veryearlier; ever since then, she has worked towards defining her own style, honingher skills, and expanding her business, which has enabled her to travel theworld, sharing her vision and experiences with an international audience. Shebegan by shooting music concerts and Fine art photography in Brazil, before shetransitioned into the ever-changing world of fashion photography.15 years ago, she started her own photography business and soon found herselfshooting for portrait clients, book and magazine publishers and music events.However, she was eager to grow as an artist and extend her business internationally,so she moved to Europe (Lisbon, Barcelona and Milan) to connect with creativesin the photography industry and push my boundaries as a photographer.She is influenced by past and present style; whenever she shoot she likes tocreate stories with an underlying sense of narrative, whether this is in herpersonal work, commercial campaigns or editorial projects. She is deeplyinspired by elements of influential style, film noir, old masters in paintingand photography, Romanticism and untouched beauty. All of her experiences inlife thus far have been reflected through her imagery, and continue to shapeher personality, and her art.(writen by Jean-François Chevrier - 2013)For bookings & general inquiries contact: