Andriy Zinkevich


You still don't know anything about me? :-)

I'm distribution development manager in VIA GmbH. For a long time we were just local distributor of well-known hygiene and cosmetics brands whose main acivities were executed by LTD Antex (our sister company) at the North-East of Ukraine. Our many partners were Nestle, Beiersdorf, Kimberly Clark, BIC.

At the end of 2010 I have organized a new project with main idea to launch and develop portfolio of own Private Label brands which can be competetive on CIS cosmetics and hygiene markets. Our company has signed a long-term contracts with such well-known manufacturers as Paloma d.d. (, Ontex International, Feintechnik GmbH, Riboth Novacare Sarl.

Inspite of great achievements, me and my company don't stop to work for any second and don'tsatisfied with current successes. We strive to be the market leaders and believe that we will become them

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