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I am looking for someone whom I know and he knows me well enough and we are comfortable with each others' goods and bads.

I am looking for someone whose attitude, behavior and personality do not clashed with me - and neither mines to his - and we can live our days together peacefully yet dynamically.

I am looking for someone who actually yearns for a partner to grow his and our life, not just for sex, status, pride or filling the dents.

I am looking for someone whose vision of love, life and relationship and ours are matched - complementing, not replicating nor against - each other.

I am looking for someone who knows what he wants in life and I can contribute to his vision.

I am looking for someone who - together - we can be Batman and Robin or Bonnie and Clyde contributing something to the better of the world.

I am looking for someone who wants to leave a positive footprint with me before our time in this world is up.

I know I might be looking for someone who does not exist at all, but at least I know what I need and I hope, try and will always compromise.

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I came out 11 years ago, pls (have a plan to) clear your baggage. You must be single, I don't get along very well with cowards and cheaters. Prefer 34-42yo but Im open for possibilities.

Tough, knowledgeable, humble, persistent & passionate men easily turn me on. Say hi to +6281288895386 if you think you're one of them.

ps: I dont bite, but I do bark ;)

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