John Garrett

A few years back, getting lost in the woods is a very common problem, a brief moment of confusion or a change in the trail. Today, with an outdoor GPS, you can find your way home safe and sound and at a quicker time. If you’re an outdoor adventure lover and want to always assure your security, here are the forest friendly features you need to look for a Android GPS App device:


Comfort is a very important thing when traveling, so you must choose personal GPS device that is lightweight and can readily fit in your pants or jackets pocket. Of course, you want outdoor equipment that won’t give you problems in the wilderness.


The ability to clearly see the screen is something we ignore when we are searching for an outdoor GPS device. To get the most use out of your GPS, buy once that will still be visible in the dark and in various degrees of light. It is crucial to choose one that is visually effective at dusk and well after into the night. Your GPS system is waste of money and useless if you can't employ it when it’s most needed.

Weather/Environment Resistant

Different GPS device are designed and offered in different types with different functions. Our environment is full of hazards such as rocks, gravel, water, and shrubbery which can greatly affect the performance of your GPS device. Outdoor activities require lots of walking or crawling through areas heavily populated with masses that can potentially can cause harm to your GPS. Also, outdoor adventures can put your device at risk for water damage. The sudden rain storm or dip in a puddle can cause waste to your system. It’s not beyond the realms of possibilities to expect that even with the utmost care, accidents can and will happen, so you must look for an outdoor GPS that is scratch resistant and water proof.


Hiking and other strenuous outdoor activities can be an ideal way to train and test your stamina and endurance. If you are a full time outdoor buff who likes to do athletic training outdoors, or monitor of how long it take to reach specific destinations then a GPS can be an excellent way of timing your progress. You can track your performance and observe your progress continue to create with each adventure your find yourself on. The amount and type of training features you're GPS has is reall