Androo Markham

Copy editor and Scientist in Brooklyn, New York

Hi there! I'm a freelance copy editor with a graduate degree in Biological Sciences looking to obsess over every little detail of your medical copy. I have almost a decade of experience producing data at the lab bench and writing about it for various audiences, including fellow experts, students, and curious non-scientists. My most recent gig, in the Division of Rheumatology at the NYU School of Medicine, began as a traditional research position, but my bosses quickly learned to take advantage of my English degree and writing experience. Before long I became the go-to grammar nerd and AMA style whiz for my lab and other members of the department. My assignments included editing grant applications, copy-editing journal articles, tightening abstract submissions, proofreading and designing figures for conference posters, and honing scripts for oral presentations.

TL;DR I'm a word nerd and a science geek, and I want to help make your copy the best it can be.