Rickie B

Whats your name?
Rickie Tamora AKA Vince

How do you identify yourself? Androgen

What is you sexual preference? Pan Sexual

Why and how do you identify with your listed sexual preference?

trans & androgyn fit into the pansexual catagory, and I do not believe genitalia should decide, chose or cage who one can or cannot be attracted to. A persons bio gender may not reflect the preferred gender, if any gender is preferred at all.

Do you smoke? No

Would you date someone who smokes?
Its not preferred, but tolerable.

What are your hobbies?
Anything that invokes creativity, art, design

If you could go back to any moment when would you go back to?
My teen years, so I could live them to the fullest, with the understanding and knowledge of what I have today. I was raised in a box with the lid closed.

If you could change anything right now what would it be?
That I would of been the one who bought that million dollar lotto ticket lol!

How often do you go on facebook?
When I cannot sleep or am not free to go anywhere at the moment. I usually leave myself logged in however.

How often do you listen to music?
As much as possible unless its its fluff I cannot stand.

Honestly, do you see eye to eye in your relationship?
No, we are compatible however with mutual interests.

Is your relationship controlling, are their jealousy issues?
I have learned to live with it.

Whats your favorite candy?
Orange tic tacs

Do you like to cuddle?
No, Im not a fan of fluff

Do you like to hold hands?

What is your personality?
I appear and am deemed shy and untalkative, but its just if I find the company uninteresting. Im very forward and innaprorpraite with people I do find entertaining.

Whats your favorite music genre?
Screamo, rock

What are your favorite bands?
Deuce at the moment.

Whats your least favorite music?
Musicals, R&B, rap