Andry Permana

Ubud - Bali name is Andry, I am Balinese, was born in Bali, Indonesia and live in Bali to assist those who are disadvantaged and do not have any accesses to learn English. This is started when in Bali especially now learning English has been a trend due to the rapid growth of tourism that causes milions of visistors from all over the globe come and visit this paradise island. Along with this tourism development, foreign investors are also coming and gaining benefit from the popularity of Bali to establish their own venture. Answering the international demands, English has been the vital key to succeed. Therefore, locals in this endless competition do their best effort to learn this international language to survive and have a job, to earn money for the life sustainability. However, around 80% Balinese who are living far from the city centre, are also far from the grasp of the education. They normally feel reluctant to come and study in the city, some of them even feel intimidated to study in the centre of the city, they feel that they do not have enough courage to face the competition with the residents. This phenomenon has inspired me a lot to expand the learning of English to some villages that are far enough in distance from the city while in fact actually some of them are having great skills in learning, the only problem is that they do not have the access since no one would be ready to come and share with them in villages of theirs and now I and some of my partners are ready to share and visit them to bring them the access to the vast and sophisticated world that has been far beyond of their simple life. Well, for us in sixplusenglish, to live is to learn and to learn is to share. :)

  • Work
    • English Teacher, translator, interpreter, writer
  • Education
    • Master degree in language teaching and learning