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Andrzej Piotrowski


Freelancer (Contract Paid Jobs) – Own Company
Since 06.2013
Graphic Artist/ Mobile Programmer / Team Leader

TagBerry - Startup Project (After Hours Project)
Since 01.2013
CEO –Technical Coordinator / Team Leader (4 People)

QueueLessApp – Startup Project (After Hours Project)
CEO –Technical Coordinator / Team Leader (6 People)

Viessmann Research & Development Center 01.2012-05.2013
Software Engineer / Team Leader (3 People)

Edukoala - Startup Project 11.2011-04.2012
Mobile Programmer/Graphic

Credit Suisse 07.2011-12.2011
ITBM Junior Reporting

Arc Interactive - Creative Gaming Solutions 07.2010-03.2012
GUI Artist /UI Programer/ Designer

NeatGroup 11.2008-11.2009
Webmaster/Flash Programmer

Intoxicate Interactive 11.2005-11.2006
GUI Artist /UI Programer/ Designer - Own Company 01.2005-11.2006
GUI Artist /UI Programer/ Designer

  • Work
    • Szczecin World
  • Education
    • Poznan University of Technology